Monday, April 25, 2005

Skunk Works

The Kind of Thinking That Will Solve the World's Problems Will Be of a Different Order to the Kind of Thinking That Created Them in the First Place - Alberto de Einstein

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bust a Wine Skin

The passage in Matt 5 regarding wine skins (Mt 5:36-39 to be precise) has a lot to do with our situation. In the history of the expansion of Christianity all kinds of new stuff had to be created because advancing the gospel appropriately would not fit into what was currently being done. Some of the old stuff passed away (tent revival anyone?) and some stuff stayed and continued to be effective in many categories (evangelistic literature). But new stuff is always being created in order to see the mission advance. Who was the first guy to think of a youth group? That aint in the Bible! . . . but it was a pretty cool new wine skin at one time. So what are ours? Especially when it comes to reaching students - particularly ethnic students on campus. We need some new stuff and we need to be bold creative and wild as we try and figure it out. What we need to see is not simply contextualization of what we currently do, but a full on incarnation of the gospel into ethnic contexts. In order to do this we cannot be business as usual. We need bold leaders moving in categories that are not simple and easy to create a future we know not of right now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Jesus in Pockets

Of couse as we move forward with prayer, I think we will begin to see gospel communities pop up in all sorts of small formidable ways on campus. I think I am finally getting over the issue of LARGE. In my mind, it has always been bigger is better - especially if you have some good quality in the big. However, wouldn't it be awesome to have a bunch of radical Jesus pockets in all kinds of cultural contexts all over the campus. The gospel could get tons of traction in places where we do not typically wander. The big issue is 'how?' do you crank this up. Again, prayer has got to be primary. The initial step is that we begin praying for those pockets on campus that we do not easily traffic in.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Prayer for Sure

It seems an traction in movements everywhere would all begin with prayer (I am a rocket scientist). Now here is the rub. I prayed like a banshee warrior back in the day (especially as a student). A group of us gathered early, prayed a ton, and trusted God to do big things. Now? Well lets just say my prayer life is not nearly as inspiring, but I hope that in the student world, the flame is burning bright.

As for me, this is an area of conviction and change. I feel like I am becoming a student of prayer all over again. How it fosters intimacy, a longing for things eternal, and a deep sense that God can do whatever he wants. I have a ton to learn, but one thing is for sure - I do not feel like gutting out the vision. It is too big and you cannot strategically plan your way to something so grandiose.

I think this is especially true when it comes to reaching ethnic students. We have been stuck for 50+ years (yes, we have had some pretty cool successes), but we must admit that, as an organization, we are woefully behind. And the task is not easy. It will not simply happen as we think, work and dream. I (and all of us) need to come before the father, repent (if needed) and ask him to do something amazing.

Mr. Incredible: "What are you waiting for"
Little Kid: "I don't know, something Amazing I guess."

That's what I'm talking about.